Preparing an Immigration Petition

When you want to move to the United States or Canada, you will know that you need a visa. Whether that is a student, work or immigration visa, you need one even to visit. This process can be easier when you have help from an immigration lawyer near me in Vancouver, BC. Reasons to hire an immigration lawyer include:

1. Save time and money: immigration law is not a simple process, especially without the help of an immigration lawyer. The lawyer will help you gather all the required documents to apply for a visa at an immigration office. They also know how to present your case in such a way that immigration officers will grant your request. A good immigration lawyer can mean the difference between success and failure of your application.

The immigration lawyer fees depend on factors like length of stay, education level, employment experience etc., which are taken into account by a professional immigration lawyer. However immigration lawyers usually charge per hour or by the project basis.

2. Know the best document types: it’s essential to be prepared when applying for immigration benefits. This means that an immigration lawyer should be able to get enough copies of documents like birth certificates, marriage certificate, education diploma and work experience letters for your visa application. If you are not sure which documents the government should be getting from you for the case, it is best if these are presented by a qualified immigration lawyer.

immigration lawyer near me in Vancouver, BC

3. Avoid delays or rejections of applications: immigration lawyers have all the information they need regarding immigration policies and procedures in North America since most of them work at immigration offices frequently. They will make sure that your application is complete and all documentation is in order so that there’s no delay with the immigration office that is near you.